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What is Ciclesonide? How to Treat with Generic Ciclospray.

Drug description:
Ciclesonide nasal spray is a medication used for allergic or seasonal rhinitis that can be caused by pollen, animal fur or dandruff, dust, or general air pollution in your region. Rhinitis is manifested in nasal discharges, stuffy nose, itching in the eyes, sneezing, and so on after you contacted an allergen. The generic version of the medication we sell on this webpage is called Ciclospray. It has absolutely the same composition and is used in the same manner as the branded medication but is cheaper because it is less advertised. You can buy the medication for yourself or for a child but if a child is younger than six years you should consult a pediatrician beforehand. How to use the medication and how it acts you can find out from the article below.
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Relieves the symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as runny or stuffy nose, itching, sneezing, and so on effectively and quickly
Ciclesonide nasal spray, Omnaris nasal spray, Omniair, Alvesco, nasal spray
Ciclesonide (Ciclospray 50 mcg)
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Generic Ciclesonide (Ciclospray 50 mcg) guide:

What is the medication sold as Ciclesonide?

Ciclesonide is a substance used as a base for different medications. It is glucocorticosteroid used in a form of inhaler or nasal spray for the management of asthma and allergic rhinitis. Ciclesonide is a prodrug, i.e. it becomes effective only after a direct contact with the epithelial cells of the lungs. There it transforms into an active substance, which is highly similar to glucocorticosteroid receptors and is capable of forming inactive esters with fatty acids that serve as a medication depot in the cell. This property allows the medication to accumulate in the certain areas of the body and therefore render a prolonged effect.

At this webpage, you can buy Ciclesonide nasal spray that is used for allergic rhinitis or seasonal rhinitis. If you need the inhaler based on Ciclesonide to treat asthma or obstructive pulmonary disease, you need to check the Asthma section of our online pharmacy and order the inhaler there as this nasal spray has a lower dosage and acts a bit differently because it is another formulation.

The same medication is manufactured and produced by a number of pharmaceutical companies but the brand name is owned by a single company. Therefore, it the other versions of the medication cannot bear the same name. But you can easily find them if you look for a way to buy Ciclesonide spray.

What is Generic Ciclesonide spray? How is it different from the branded drug and why is it cheaper?

As we have discussed in the previous section of this med guide, the same medication is manufactured by different companies. It is possible because the formula is known for a while already and the exclusive patent for its use had already expired. Therefore, if your healthcare provider tells you to buy Ciclesonide nasal spray, you can without any apprehension get a generic version instead to save your money.

The generic is no way different from the branded medication in terms of quality, effect, indications for use, and so on. It is different only by the name and the price. The name is different because different drug makers cannot use the name protected by the copyright. And the price is lower because in fact the production of the medication is not quite expensive but the branded medications makers set the high prices because no one can prevent them from doing this. They also pay significant kickbacks to doctors so that they would prescribe namely their preparations and tell their patients that only the branded medicines are effective. But as a smart buyer, you don’t need to fall for this lie. You can save a fortune purchasing generic medications instead of the highly overpriced branded meds.

When should I buy Ciclesonide nasal spray?

This nasal spray is used for allergic rhinitis that can be caused by pollen, dust, animal dandruff or fur, and so on. The manifestation of the condition is a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, itching of the eyelids, and general feeling of swelling in the eyes, nose, and the forehead. If you have never had an allergy manifested in a form of nasal discharges or congestion, make sure to consult a physician and undergo all necessary tests to be sure that these symptoms are caused by allergy and not a viral, bacterial, fungal infection, curvature of the nasal septum, conjunctivitis, and so on.

If you are sure that you suffer from allergic rhinitis, you can buy Ciclospray, a generic version of Ciclesonide nasal spray at this web page without a prescription. But first, make sure to check that the medication is not contraindicated for you.

When shouldn’t I buy Ciclesonide nasal spray?

The spray is contraindicated to be used if you are allergic to it. You can find this out if after the spray use the symptoms only enhance or you start suffering from other unpleasant symptoms such as a headache, dizziness, and so on. The active substance of the medication is not recommended for the use in children who hadn’t reached the age of 6 years.

On top of that, the medication use with exercised caution is advised in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in an active or chronic form; patients with bacterial, viral or fungal infections of the respiratory tract.
If you are expecting a baby or become pregnant while using the spray, make sure to consult your healthcare provider whether you can or cannot use it.

What adverse effects can Ciclospray cause?

Although the nasal spray is applied locally, it still can cause certain adverse reactions that you should be aware of when you buy Generic Ciclospray. They include headache, nasal bleeding, itching or irritation in the nose, ear pain, painful white spots in the nose or throat, flu-like symptoms, vision impairment, acne, swelling of the face, lips, eyes, nose, feet, calves or neck, fatigue, difficulty breathing or swallowing, skin rash, hoarseness of the voice, irregular menstruations, and others.

The majority of these symptoms are not life-threatening or dangerous at all. However, some of them mean that the medication is not suitable for you and you should stop using it. Consult your physician about the adverse reactions that you develop using the spray and ask what other anti-allergy sprays you can use.

What combinations of drugs and substances to avoid when you use the spray?

The main contraindication is the simultaneous use of inhibitors of CYP3A4. If you are not sure whether any of the medications you use fall into this category, make sure to tell your healthcare provider about all medicines that you use and ask him or her whether they are compatible with Ciclesonide spray.

How to use Ciclospray?

The spray is used once a day with a single dose of spray per nostril. This small dosing is suitable even for severe allergic rhinitis because the medication offers a prolonged effect. However, the full effect can develop not sooner than in 24-48 hours. If the symptoms do not improve within this time, continue using the spray nevertheless. Do not stop using it until your healthcare provider tells you to do so even if your symptoms already improved.

You should use the spray every day at the same time to avoid missed dosages or overdose. If you still missed a dose, you should use the spray immediately as you remembered but do not use two doses at once to compensate the missed dosage. Once you used the missed dose, continue using the spray once a day at the same time you used the last dosage (the missed dosage).

Before you use the spray, make sure that the atomization (spraying of the substance) is equal and not blocked by the clogging of the applicator. It the spraying if uneven or insufficient, rinse the applicator and the cap with a warm water. Then spray the substance into the air to make sure now the spraying is even and sufficient and only then put it in the nostril and use the spray. It is important to do so in order to get the right dosage of the medication per use to ensure the optimal effect for the whole day till the next use of the nasal spray.

What happens if you overdose Ciclesonide spray?

When you order Ciclesonide nasal spray, you may think that since it is not an oral medication and not an inhaler it is completely safe. However, even this formulation can cause the occurrence of certain negative effects if you overdose such as swelling of the face, neck, general weakness, fatigue, acne, irregular menstrual cycle, and so on. If you don’t suffer from any severe side effects, you don’t need to seek medical assistance but should stop using the spray for at least 24 hours.

Where to buy Ciclesonide nasal spray?

The nasal spray is sold with a prescription in certain countries and over-the-counter in other countries. Naturally, where it is sold with Rx, it is more expensive. Besides, you have to spend money on the appointments with your healthcare provider. To avoid such expenses which are unnecessary, you can order Generic Ciclesonide nasal spray online from our pharmacy. We sell only the best generics from the reliable manufacturers with whom we work directly which is why we are able to offer the most attractive and adequate prices for the products we sell.

Ciclesonide nasal spray shipping

Our med store ships internationally. You can choose express shipping if you want to obtain your medication as soon as possible and you will get it within 7-14 days. Or, you can opt for cheaper standard shipping that will take from 14 to 25 days. If you suffer from seasonal allergy, you can purchase the medication in advance for 170 dollars and enjoy free standard shipping while getting your spray just in time for the allergic season start.

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