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COVID-19 Test Kit 25 kits

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COVID-19 Test Kit
COVID-19 diagnosis
The test kit allows diagnosing COVID-19 with high precision
COVID-19 Test Kit 25 kits
COVID-19 Test Kit 25 kits
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Brand COVID-19 Test Kit 25 kits guide:

What is COVID-19 test kit?

COVID-19 test kits allow testing a patient for the novel coronavirus named COVID-19 using blood, serum, or plasma.

The test identifies specific antibodies in the blood that allow making a preliminary diagnosis of COVID-19. For the precise diagnosis, laboratory tests should be made.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a virus from the class of coronaviruses that are RNA viruses with a protective protein shell spread among humans, animals, and birds. The viruses from the class cause respiratory and other diseases. COVID-19 provokes respiratory tract infections in humans that can cause pneumonia and lung failure in some individuals. The disease symptoms are flu-like but they develop in 5-14 days after contracting virus, unlike flu that develops in 2-3 days. Besides, COVID-19 symptoms can persist for more than four weeks.

The most common symptoms are:

- Elevated body temperature;
- General weakness;
- Headaches;
- Dry cough;
- Shortness of breath.

The antibodies to COVID-19 can be found in the blood during 2-3 weeks after exposure. The test allows identifying both IgG and IgM (Immunoglobulin G and Immunoglobulin M, two types of antibodies). IgG remains positive, but the antibody level drops over time.

How does COVID-19 test kit work?

The test kit contains 5 bands each for one-time use. The tests are suitable for the whole blood, serum, and blood plasma. The bands contain certain substances which when contacting the infected specimen result in the occurrence of red stripes.

What does the kit test contain?

The kit contains sealed pouches each containing a test kit, a 5 microlitre mini plastic dropper and a desiccant.

What the package doesn’t contain but you need for a test?

1. Fingerstick
2. Centrifuge and pipette (for plasma and serum)
3. Timer

COVID-19 test kit storage conditions

The kit can be kept at indoor temperature or at a refrigerator at the temperature range between 2 and 30C (35.6 F – 86 F). The kits must be kept in their original package and should not be used after the expiration of their shelf life.

The test procedure for blood

1. Open the sealed pouch and take out the test band. Perform the test right away or not later than one hour after opening.
2. Put the test device on a clean and flat surface.
3. Add 5 microlitres of blood to a test pad (the purple place) of the band, and then add 2 drops (about 60 microlitres) of sample to the top of the strip right away.
4. The result is read in 10 minutes and not later (in 15 minutes it’s already invalid). Positive results may be identified in just 2 minutes.

Interpreting results
If only the C band is present, the absence of any burgundy color in the both T bands (IgG and IgM) indicates that no anti-COVID-19 antibodies are detected in the specimen. The result is negative.
In addition to the presence of C band, if only IgM band is enveloped, the test indicates for the presence of IgM anti- COVID-19 in the specimen. The result is IgM anti-COVID-19 positive.
In addition to the presence of C band, if only IgG band is developed, the test indicates for the presence of IgG anti-COVID- 19 in the specimen. The result is IgG anti-COVID-19 positive.
In addition to the presence of C band, both IgG and IgM bands are developed, the test indicates for the presence of both IgG and IgM anti-COVID-19 in the specimen. The result is IgG and IgM anti-COVID-19 positive.m
Control line does not appear. Insufficient specimen volume or incorrect procedural techniques are the most likely reasons for control line failure. Review the procedure and repeat the test with a new test kit. If the problem persists, discontinue using the test kit immediately and contact your local distributor.

The COVID-19 test kit contains detailed instructions on its use (including for serum and plasma lacking in this product description). Please refer to the package insert rather than this product description when performing the test.

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All orders of COVID-19 Test Kit arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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