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Generic Desyrel is a collective term for all medications made using the same formula and ingredients as the branded antidepressant medication Desyrel which is made by different pharmaceutical companies. The medications are based on Trazodone, the anti-depressive agent effective in various forms of depression including depression accompanied by anxiety. The medication can be used by adults and children older than 6 years of age. You can find detailed information on dosage regimens, contraindications, precautions, and so on in our complete article about the medicine.
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Helps to treat depression of various causes in convenient use at home
Beneficat, Bimaran, Desirel, Molipaxin, Pragmazone, Sideril, Thombran, Tombran, Trazalon, Trazodil, Trazolan, Trazonil, Trialodine, Trittico
Desyrel (Trazodone 25 mg)
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More facts about Generic Desyrel (Trazodone 25 mg):

Generic Desyrel (Trazodone 25 mg) guide:

What is the medication marketed as Generic Desyrel?

First of all, let’s identify what Desyrel is. This is a brand name of the medication based on Trazodone, an antidepressant agent from the class of serotonin reuptake inhibitors. This class of antidepressants is considered safer than the class or tricyclic antidepressants because it can rarely lead to death even in misuse.

The active substance, Trazodone, was discovered back in 1960 but approved for the treatment of major depressive disorder only in 1981 after thorough studies and tests. Back then, the medication was exclusively made and marketed by Italian pharmaceutical company Angelini Research Laboratories. Currently, as the exclusive patent expired long ago, the medication is made and marketed by numerous pharmaceutical companies under a variety of names but the name of the active substance is always indicated on the original box of pills.

Now let’s see what generic medications are. The term “generic drug” was introduced by the World Health Organization to identify the medications made not by the original developer of the medication. The term implies that the medication is identical to the medication it is a generic version of, for instance, Generic Desyrel is identical to the branded medicine Desyrel. Generics are made using the same formula and ingredients as the original medication but are priced substantially cheaper. Their lower price is the main purpose of generics creation – they are made because not everyone can afford expensive branded medicines especially in the developing world. For this purpose, this program of affordable medications was created. Original drug developers sometimes sell the right to make the same medications to other companies with the condition that they wouldn’t sell these drugs on the markets where the brand owner markets its medications. Sometimes, the generics are started to be manufactured after the exclusive patent expires. Alternatively, some medications cannot be registered under an exclusive patent if the health care authority of the country where they are first registered considers the medication a breakthrough that can significantly change the life expectancy of people with the condition treated with the medication. In such cases, the original drug developer is obliged to share the formula with generic drug makers.

Why can you buy Generic Desyrel cheap? Is it because it is of lower quality?

Many people who are told they need to buy Desyrel are reluctant to purchase the generic version because they believe it is of inferior quality while it is not so at all. The cheaper price of the medication is due to the lack of research costs as the manufacturers of generics use already developer formulas. They also do not spend money on advertising and have lower production costs by locating their facilities in the countries with the cheap labor force, low taxes, and so on. Besides, no medication is launched onto the market before a thorough testing for compliance and safety. And if a generic medicine has Trazodone as an active substance indicated below the trade name, you can rest assured that you purchase an effective and safe medicine identical to the branded one. But of course, in order to get the qualitative medication, you need to opt for a reliable seller.

When can I use Generic Desyrel?

The best time to start using the medication is when your doctor recommends you to do so. However, if you are diagnosed with depression but your therapist advises you another antidepressant, you can ask them if this particular medication can be used instead of the prescribed treatment.
You can buy Generic Desyrel for various types of depression such as endogenous, psychotic, neurotic, somatogenic (as a result of a health condition, stress, and so on) depression accompanied by anxiety or persistent tension.

When must I not use Desyrel?

The main contraindication for the medicine use is hypersensitivity or allergy to the drug’s components. Besides, the medication is contraindicated to pregnant and breastfeeding women, children younger than 6 years, during alcohol intoxication or intoxication caused by sleeping pills.
The medication is not recommended for people who suffered from myocardial infarction, AV block, hypertension, ventricular arrhythmia, have history of priapism, and hepatic and/or renal insufficiency.
If you have any of these conditions, you should not buy Trazodone without consulting your therapist first.

How should I use Generic Desyrel?

If your therapist gave you the instructions on how to use Desyrel, you can follow them when you buy Generic Trazodone as well since the medications are identical. If you don’t have precise directions on how to use the medicine, you can follow the instruction but only if you are certain that the medicine is not contraindicated for you.
The initial dosage for adults is 150 mg a day split into two or three intakes. The two-thirds of the daily dosage should be taken before sleep to avoid sleepiness and dizziness during the day. The remaining dosage is taken in the morning or split into two intakes – one in the morning and another one at midday. If the dosage is insufficient, it can be gradually raised every 3-4 days by 50 mg till the optimal effect. The maximum daily dosage is 450 mg a day. In a hospital under a doctor’s supervision it can be raised to 600 mg a day.
The initial dosage for elderly patients and weakened patients is 75 mg a day. If necessary, the dosage can be then gradually increased with an interval of 3-4 days but the daily dosage must not exceed 300 mg.
In mild forms of depression, the average supportive dosage is 150 mg a day. In moderate to severe forms of depression, the optimal dosage is 300 mg a day.
The initial dosage for children between the ages from 6 to 18 years is 1.5-2 milligrams per kilogram of the body weight a day in split dosages. If necessary, the dosage can be gradually increased to 6 milligrams per kilogram of the body weight in split intakes.
In the therapy of libido dysfunction, the daily dosage is 50 mg. In the therapy of erectile dysfunction, monotherapy is made with 200 mg a day into split intakes, in combined therapy, the daily dosage is 50 mg.
For the therapy of benzodiazepine addiction, in the reduction of benzodiazepine dosage by 1/4 or 1/2 of the pill, 50 mg of Desyrel is added instead. This scheme should be used for three weeks. After three weeks, the dosage of benzodiazepine is lowered at the same ratio but the dosage of Desyrel is not increased. Next, Desyrel dosage is lowered by 50 mg every three weeks till the complete withdrawal.

Trazodone adverse reactions

Any medication can cause side effects and Trazodone (Desyrel) is not an exception. The most common adverse reactions include drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, headache, agitation, myalgia, loss of coordination, disorientation, tremor, arrhythmia, bradycardia, decreased blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dryness and bitterness in the mouth, visual impairment, eye irritation, nasal congestion, impotence, allergic reactions, and others. It doesn’t mean that you will necessarily develop these negative symptoms. Moreover, you may develop not these but other negative symptoms. You don’t need to panic if you have any of them but do not hesitate to inform your therapist immediately.

Undesirable drug combinations with Trazodone (Desyrel)

When you order Desyrel, make sure to check by yourself or with your therapist that you don’t use any medications incompatible with this antidepressant:
- The medication must not be combined with MAO inhibitors.
- Desyrel enhances the effect of hypotensive medicines, muscle relaxers, alcohol, and other medications that depress the nervous system.
- Antihistamines and other drugs with anticholinergic activity increase the anticholinergic effect of Trazodone.
- The medication lowers the effect of norepinephrine and psychostimulants.
- Trazodone and tricyclic antidepressants, haloperidol, loxapine, maprotiline, molindone, phenothiazine, pimozidane, and thioxanthin mutually enhance and elongate the sedative and anticholinergic effects of each other.
- The medication influences the effect of warfarin.
- Generic Desyrel elevates the blood concentration of digoxin and phenytoin.

Overdose of Generic Desyrel

You can detect that you overdosed if you start suffering from nausea, vomiting, dizziness, low blood pressure, violated coordination, or develop other severe adverse reactions.
The treatment requires vomiting, administration of activated carbon, maintenance of vital functions, and symptomatic therapy.

Where to buy Desyrel?

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