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Generic Grisactin is one of the antifungal preparations that is efficient in treatment of all kinds of diseases that appear because of multiple fungi types. On the market, it also has another name Griseofulvin. This preparation is widely used because of its mechanism of action. People deal with fungus every day, but usually it does not cause problems. In appropriate conditions, such fungus may start to grow and has capacity to spread over the surface of skin; some types affect even internal organs. The described preparation is meant to fight specific kind of fungi that calls out infections of skin, fingernails, toenails, and hairy parts of the body. It is not effective in treatment of diseases caused by yeasts or viruses. If you decide to buy Generic Grisactin, ask your health care provider for prescription. He will perform all possible tests to determine the reasons of your symptoms and advise a kind of drugs that will be helpful in your particular situation. You can use this medication guide to become familiar with the medicine, but do not use it as direct instruction to consumption. Only competent specialists can do it for you.
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Effective in treatment of skin or nail illnesses
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Grisactin (Griseofulvin 250 mg)
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Generic Grisactin (Griseofulvin 250 mg) guide:

Griseofulvin is available in tablets of white color without scent and with slight bitter taste. Usually, each pill contains 125 mg of the active ingredient with the same name. This preparation is effective in treatment of skin or nail illnesses connected to growth of fungi. The active ingredient stops this growth and prevents further spreading of rush or infection into other parts of the body. Dose and treatment course duration depends on the type and intensity of the infection, and on health condition of the patient himself.

People with weakened immune system have more chances to become sick than healthy individuals. Those who have AIDS, cancer, or any other disease become vulnerable and pathogens can easy enter the organism and become growing. For this reason, doctors prescribe not only antifungal medications, but also immune system supplements that will build up defensive features of the organism. Complex treatment involves also careful personal hygiene and avoiding contacts with sick people.

The discussed medicine is effective in curing of athlete’s foot, jock itching, ringworm, and barber’s itch. Illnesses caused by bacteria and yeasts cannot be eliminated with these tablets. To determine your type of infection you need to have medical tests performed.


Never change the dose and course duration if it has not been suggested by your doctor. Too low or high portion may cause different problems from ineffectiveness to severe allergic reactions. If you need liquid to help swallowing, use plain water only. Never drink alcohol with pharmaceutical products. Many patients report that infection’ signs such as rush, itching, redness of skin, and others disappear before the treatment process is over. Do not stop using the drug in this case. Complete the entire course to prevent the infection from coming back. Use the preparation regularly as it has been prescribed and do not skip doses or overdose.

Drug usage and dosage

The portion of drug and the duration of treatment is determined by the doctor considering all personal features and illness aspects of each particular patients.  Take pills with a full glass of water or with a meal. It is recommended to consume it with one teaspoon of oil to prevent stomach dysfunctions. Take to notice that medical treatment goes together with accurate personal hygiene. Take shower or bath regularly, wear clear clothes, do not walk barefoot in public places (pools, bathrooms, hotel rooms, parks, etc.), and use your personal towel to dry your skin. Be patient, the treatment may last for a long period of time. Nail infections take several months to be completely eliminated. During such long curing, follow all doctor’s advices precisely in order to help the process pass quickly. Never give these pills to children who are less than 2 years old.

Different fungal problems demand various approach to their treatment. All information given in this article relates to most frequently prescribed recommendations, but it is not here to tell you exactly what to do. Ask your doctor for details that will help you in your particular situation and circumstances. Ringworm usually takes from 2 to 6 weeks of treatment depending on the place that is infected. To fight it 500 mg dose per day is sufficient. Divide it into smaller parts and use as you have been told by your health care provider. Treatment of ringworm on toenails will probably last for 6 month at least.

To treat athlete’s foot you need 4-8 week period of time and 500 mg portion per day divided into smaller portions. The dose of Generic Grisactin usually can be counted in proportion of 3.3 milligrams per one pound of the patient’s weight per one day. The same approach is relevant for treatment of fungal diseases in children.

Do not miss the dose and use the preparation regularly by the prescribed pattern. If you accidentally miss a pill, do not take two pills next time. Overdose may be harmful for your organism. Discuss with your doctor all details of the prescription if you do not understand something to make it clear.

Side effects

Because some people may have personal intolerance to the active ingredient of this preparation, its usage may lead to severe allergic reactions that result in fever, hives, swelling of face or appendages, high temperature, skin irritation, and rush. Stop the consumption and visit the doctor without delay. The most common possible side effects of Griseofulvin are the following: headache, dizziness, problems with sleeping, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, and problems with stomach. These ill signs do not necessary appear if you use the preparation properly. Sometimes the organism tries to get used to the unfamiliar substance in blood and causes such temporary feelings that disappear after a while.

Less frequent side effects of the described medication may be next: abnormal color of urine, loss of appetite, confusion, excessive fatigue or weakness, yellowing of skin or eyes, unusual sensitivity to ultraviolet light, fever, sore throat, and some others. Address your health care provider for more detailed instructions if you notice that any of these disturb you too much.

There are also rare side effects that almost never appear during usage of this medicine. They include changes in menstrual cycle, tingling feeling in upper and lower appendages, swelling, itching, and shedding of skin sometimes. Talk to your doctor about it if you feel not good. It is not a full amount of ill consequences, for more ask your pharmacist.


Do not order Generic Grisactin if you have complicated liver dysfunction and do not forget to inform your doctor about it. The same relates to pregnancy; it is not allowed to take the drug because it can be damaging to the unborn baby. Be careful if you are breast-feeding, ask your health care provider if you can combine nursing and treatment.


Store the drug in cool, dry place.

How to buy Griseofulvin?

You will not have problems if you have to buy Griseofulvin; it is available in major drug stores of the United States and Europe. Still, it is much better to order this or any other antifungal preparation online. Benefits are not just rooted in time or energy saving, although it is also important. The most important thing for people with any fungal disease is that they do not have to leave their house and contact with other people who may be infected. It helps preventing re-infection and making the situation even worse. Another positive side of online shipping is opportunity to compare few major websites and their prices and choose the one that seems the best for you. And to do this you do not have to visit different places around the city. Also, look for sales and bonuses that often are offered by online drug stores.

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