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Artvigil (Armodafinil 150 mg)

Drug description:
Generic Artvigil is an exact analog of the branded medicine Artvigil also known as Nuvigil. It is a wakefulness-promoting medication or a smart drug used for the management of sleepiness in narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, chronic fatigue, and obstructive sleep apnea. Besides, the medication can be used to improve the ability to focus in ADHD, depression, and in general if you feel the need to boost your energy and productivity. Find out how and when to use the pills and save on them from our medication guide.
Brand name:
Generic name:
Helps to stay awake and energetic all day even in conditions such as narcolepsy
Provigil, Nuvigil, Modafinil, Modalert, Modapro, Modulert, Modvigil, Modavigil, Armod, Armodafinil
Artvigil (Armodafinil 150 mg)
Artvigil (Armodafinil 150 mg)
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More facts about Generic Artvigil (Armodafinil 150 mg):

Generic Artvigil (Armodafinil 150 mg) guide:

What is Artvigil or Nuvigil and when is it used?

What is Artvigil or Nuvigil and when is it used?

Artvigil is a brand name. It is registered for a medicinal agent called Armodafinil that was developed and approved in the early 2000s. The substance is an enantiopure, i.e. derivative of another medication called Modafinil. The principal indications for the preparation use are narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and sleepiness caused by lack of normal sleep in obstructive sleep apnea. These are the official indications for the pills use but on the other hand, the medication is very popular for its off-label uses, i.e. when an individual do not have any conditions or diseases for which the medication was developed but still enjoys its wakefulness-promoting and cognitive function improving effect. Although officially the medication isn’t approved for the improvement of memory, focus, speed of thought, ability to make quick decisions and so on, it is widely used for such purposes by people from around the world. Moreover, it is used for this purpose by military and air forces to make their officers always prepared even if they have been deprived of sleep. Indeed, the medication is able to make you energetic and fully awake for 10-12 hours even if you have been deprived of sleep for two days straight! This amazing feature of the medication is not a side effect as it is needed for people with narcolepsy who feel like they’ve been deprived of sleep for so many hours every day of their life. They simply cannot live a normal life without wakefulness-promoting medications such as Artvigil. But considering that they are fated to take the pills all their life, it is reasonable for them to buy Generic Nuvigil instead which is much cheaper than the branded medication.

The chemical structure is:

Armodafinil The chemical structure

What is Generic Artvigil or Nuvigil and why is it so much cheaper than the branded preparation?

What is Generic Artvigil or Nuvigil and why is it so much cheaper than the branded preparation?

Generic Nuvigil is an exact copy of the branded medication simply made by another company. It is feasible for other firms to make the same medication and sell it though under a different name because of the policy established by the World Health Organization on generic medicines. It provides that all branded medications once the exclusive patent for their manufacturing and selling of their developer expires, are obliged to give out their formula to other pharmaceutical companies so that they would be able to make the same medicines. This policy was introduced to make medications invented in the developed countries attainable and affordable for people from the developing countries because the prices of the medicines in those countries differ greatly. The manufacturers from the developed countries can set high prices for their products even if they are unreasonable because no one controls it. Moreover, people from the western countries on average have much higher incomes than people from the developing countries so they are able to pay so much money for the pills. Generic medications in their turn balance the possibilities for effective and modern treatment for people from different countries and levels of income.

Some people doubt in the quality of generic medications because of their cheaper price. Please do not doubt. Their low price is explained by simple factors that do not affect the quality of the pills such as lack of research and advertising costs, cheap production because it is low-cost in comparison to the production in the developed countries. Besides, before the medications become available for customers they undergo thorough testing and certification process which will not allow unsatisfactory medicines on the pharmacy shelves which is why you can buy Generic Armodafinil without any worries and doubts and enjoy its amazing effect.

Trade names
Nuvigil, Artvigil, others
category - C
Dependence liability
Routes of administration
Oral (tablets)
Legal status
AU: S4 (Prescription only), US: Schedule IV
Liver, including CYP3A4and other pathways
Elimination half-life
12–15 hours
Urine (as metabolites)

When shouldn’t Artvigil be used?

When shouldnt Artvigil be used?

Notwithstanding that the preparation is considered almost absolutely harmless, it is still not recommended to be used during pregnancy or if you breastfeed a baby and administered to children. The thing is that these categories of people are in general not recommended to use any pills unless there is a serious condition that requires the use of medications is involved and since excessive sleepiness is not a life-threatening condition, it would be wise not to use Artvigil in such cases.

Besides, if you have used the pills and suffered from any moderate to severe side effects and especially allergic reactions such as skin rash or itching, you should not buy Artvigil or its analogs either because it means that you are intolerant of the medication’s elements. In this case, you can look for smart drugs with other active substances such as, for instance, Modafinil which is also available at our range of products.

Precautions during the medication use and possible adverse effects of Nuvigil

When you buy Armodafinil, you should follow certain precautions in order not to suffer from the adverse reactions from the drug use. For instance, it is not recommended to take the pills in the second half of the day as it can cause insomnia. Besides, it is recommended to start using the pills from a half of the therapeutic dosage to see how your body reacts to it as some people do not need to take the whole pill if they don’t suffer from narcolepsy or any other disorder that contributes to the incorrect regulation of the sleep-wake cycle by the brain.

If you suffer from any chronic conditions or take any medications on a daily basis, you should also consult your healthcare provider before you start taking the wakefulness-promoting pills. If you think that you are excessively sleepy or unreasonably tired during the day, you should consult a doctor first and make the basic tests to see if you have or do not have any underlying conditions that cause these symptoms. In case you do suffer from any condition that can contribute to these symptoms, make sure to start treating it and order Nuvigil only if you still feel exhausted after treating the condition that supposedly caused this symptom.

The possible adverse reactions the medication use can cause are, first of all, insomnia if you take an increased dosage or take the pill in the midday or afternoon, headache, increased excitability, anxiety, nervousness, allergic reactions, indigestion, and others. The majority of these reactions are caused by the incorrect dosing or time of intake so make sure to take the lower dosage in the first half of the day the next time. If the symptoms still persist, discontinue the therapy and look for another wakefulness-promoting medication as it means that the active substance Armodafinil is not suitable for you.

Clinical Global Impression of Change (CGI-C) (Percent of Patients Who Improved at Final Visit)

Artvigil (Armodafinil) 150 mg*
Artvigil (Armodafinil) 250 mg*
Obstructive sleep apnea I
Obstructive sleep apnea II
Shift work sleep disorder

*Significantly different than placebo for all trials (p<0.05)

Undesirable drug combinations with Artvigil Nuvigil

Undesirable drug combinations with Artvigil Nuvigil

Although medication is not strictly contraindicated to be combined with any medications, it is still advised to consult a healthcare specialist if you take any medications or supplements at the time you plan to order Generic Artvigil and start taking the pills. To avoid unhealthy agitation of your nervous system, you should avoid using any other stimulants while you take the pills such as other Armodafinil or Modafinil-based medications, amphetamines, illicit substances, and caffeine.

How to take Generic Nuvigil pills?

If you have a condition for which the medication is approved, such as narcolepsy or sleep apnea, you should take a single 150 mg pill in the morning of every day. If you need the drug for shift work sleep disorder which is also an approved condition, you should take 150 mg pill approximately one hour before the work shift start.
If you want to boost your cognitive function, be energetic after a sleepless night, or use the pills to focus but do not have any conditions that influence these functions, you should start taking the pills from a half of the regular dosage, i.e. 75 mg or a half of a pill in the morning. For some individuals this dosage is enough and the raise of it isn’t necessary. If you still feel that you need a higher dosage, you can try using 150 mg pill but do not take it in the same you took a half of the daily dosage as you can start suffering from an overdose.

Overdose of Generic Nuvigil

An overdose with Generic Artvigil is dangerous because you can start experiencing the negative symptoms of the medication you haven’t developed in the normal dosages such as unhealthy agitation, nervousness, insomnia, restlessness, and so on. However, if you don’t have any serious worrying side effects such as irregular heartbeat or fainting, you do not need to worry – the negative symptoms will go away without any therapy. If you are worried by the symptoms and they cause a lot of discomfort, seek urgent medical assistance.

Where to buy Nuvigil?

Where to buy Nuvigil?

Although the medication is sold with a prescription in some countries, our online pharmacy is located in the country where it is an over-the-counter drug. It makes much more attractive option and a cheap solution for people who live in the countries it is the Rx-only drug to order Armodafinil from our online pharmacy.

Nuvigil shipping

Nuvigil shipping

We will ship your pills wherever you live within 7-25 days depending on the type of shipping you choose while ordering.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Armodafinil online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

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All orders of Armodafinil arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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Common drug rating: 4.77 / Total votes: 13
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It makes me more focused and productive.
Rating: 5 Feb 20 / 2020 USA, Arizona
It works great for me. I take it 1-2 times per week when I work on my projects or if I feel bad. No more mood swings, bad memory or so on. Good product!

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