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Alvesco is a brand name of inhaler used for bronchial asthma. The medication is a glucocorticoid that suppresses the inflammation and allergic response and therefore is very effective in prevention and reduction of the frequency of asthma episodes. However, it is not used for the acute attacks but rather the long-term treatment to prevent them. The generic version of the medication is based on the same formula and substance but is cheaper because it is less advertised. The inhaler can be used in adults, elderly patients, and children older than 6 years. Find out more about dosing, precautions, and so on from our complete guide.
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In long-term and regular use, the inhaler lowers the frequency and intensity of asthma attacks
Alvesco (Ciclohale 80 mcg)
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Generic Alvesco (Ciclohale 80 mcg) guide:

What is the medication marketed as Alvesco?

Alvesco is a registered trade name for a medication based on Ciclesonide. This name of the medication is mostly known in the U.S. and the UK while in other countries it is sold under a variety of names such as Ciclohale, Omnaris, Omniair, and many others. The active substance of the medication was first approved in 2006 and is a glucocorticoid, a synthetic steroid hormone, an analog of the hormones produced by the adrenal cortex. The medications from this class are used to lower the inflammation and suppress allergic reactions. The anti-allergic effect is achieved through the suppression of the production of IgE immunoglobulins, increased histamine-binding blood capacity, stabilization of mast cell membranes, and a decrease in the release of allergic mediators from them, a decrease in the sensitivity of peripheral tissues to histamine and serotonin, with a simultaneous increase in sensitivity to adrenaline, and other effects.

The active substance of Alvesco and other medicines with the same formula is a prodrug, i.e. the medication that when applied to the human body transforms into an active form. It activates directly in the epithelial cells of the lungs into an active metabolite having a high affinity for glucocorticosteroid receptors and capable of forming inactive esters with fatty acids serving as a depot of the preparation in a cell.

Pharmacological features of the Ciclesonide molecule provide high local anti-inflammatory activity with minimal risk of local and systemic side effects and also allow the drug to be used only once a day. Inhalers that provide a high level of glucocorticosteroid (GCS) deposition in the lungs, allow optimizing therapy in patients with bronchial asthma in asthma phenotypes with predominant lesion of small airways. On the other hand, high deposition makes it possible to level out the role of errors in inhalation techniques and to reduce the costs associated with therapy.

The use of extra-fine dispersed metered-dose aerosol inhalers, to which the preparation Ciclesonide belongs, seems to be a universal solution for optimizing the treatment of bronchial asthma. Among the available inhalers, the highest level of deposition of the drug in the lungs is provided by the use of Ciclesonide. In addition, its high deposition in the lungs is not accompanied by increased absorption of glucocorticosteroids into the systemic circulation. Based on data from the evidence-based medicine, the Ciclesonide preparation is characterized by high clinical efficacy and safety.
You can buy Alvesco to prevent asthma attacks in an adult patient or a child older than twelve years.

What is Generic Alvesco? Does its lower price indicate the poor quality of the medication?

We have previously mentioned that the same medication with exactly the same formula is also sold under other trade names than Alvesco. These inhalers together are called Generics of Alvesco or Generic of Ciclesonide based on the active substance name. These medicines are the same as the branded medicine but are several times cheaper which is why many people prefer to use them instead of the expensive and promoted drugs. Their lower price isn’t due to the low quality but rather the lower operational expenses since these medicines are based on the formula developed by another company and are made in the developing countries. Aside from that, they are also not widely promoted what saves their manufacturers quite a significant amount of money. You can without any worries buy Generic Alvesco and use it as prescribed by your healthcare provider if you suffer from asthma. You will enjoy absolutely the same effect if you opt for the reliable seller who sells only the best generics such as our online pharmacy.

When should I buy Generic Alvesco?

If you, someone of your family members or your child older than 6 years are diagnosed with bronchial asthma, you can start using this inhaler. However, we strongly advise you to consult a specialist beforehand. The thing is that there are multiple inhalers and some of them are suitable for certain asthma types and severity while others are less effective. In order to be sure that namely this preparation is the best for you, you need to consult a healthcare provider and if he or she tells you that Alvesco or Ciclesonide are needed, you can buy Ciclohale inhaler which is identical to the branded medicine but is cheaper. If your doctor recommends you another treatment plan, you can still purchase the medicines to treat asthma from our online pharmacy. We offer a wide range of medications at affordable prices. If you cannot find the medication you are looking for – contact our customer support managers and they will gladly help you.

When shouldn’t I buy Alvesco?

The medication is contraindicated to be used in children younger than six years and in hypersensitivity or intolerance of the active substance.

Aside from these strict forbiddances for the medication use, it should be cautiously used in people with lung tuberculosis, people with bacterial, viral, or fungal infections of the respiratory tract, and in pregnant and breastfeeding women and only if the expected benefit outweigh the risks.

If you have any other chronic conditions, you should still inform your doctor about them before you buy Generic Ciclohale even if you don’t see any of these conditions in contraindications for the inhaler use.

Interactions of Alvesco with other medicines

The use of the inhaler along with inhibitors of CYP3A4 should be avoided. If you currently use any medicines or plan to start taking them during the therapy with this inhaler, make sure to inform your healthcare provider about it to get his or her consultation and advice on the compatibility of these substances.

How to use Generic Alvesco inhaler?

When you order Ciclohale, you should know that the inhaler isn’t intended for cupping of acute asthma attacks it is used for prevention only. The inhalations should be made within a long period of time daily. The initial dosage is selected individually based on the severity of the condition and once the desirable clinical effect is achieved, the dosage should be reduced to the minimum effective one for the management of the disease.

The recommended initial dosage for adults and children is from 160 to 640 mcg a day. The dosage of 640 mcg must be split into two inhalations.

For the management of severe asthma, it is admissible to raise the daily dosage to 1280 mcg daily but the dosage must be split into two or four uses.

The improvement of the symptoms usually occurs 23 hours after the first inhalation with the medication. The maximum effect is achieved within 2-3 months after the therapy start. However, even if the symptoms are completely gone, the therapy with low doses must be continued.

Children older than six years and younger than twelve years are recommended to use 80-160 mcg daily in single or split inhalations.

Elderly patients and people with liver or kidney insufficiency who order Generic Ciclohale and plan to use it do not require dosage adjustments.

Patients who undergo the therapy with oral glucocorticoids are recommended to use 1280 mcg of Alvesco daily. If a doctor decides to discontinue the therapy with oral glucocorticoids and leave only the inhaler, this must be done only in the disease remission. The 1280 mcg of Alvesco must be used with the oral medication during the ten days. Then, the dosage of the oral medication must be gradually reduced every week, preferably, by 2.5 mg per dosage reduction.

Possible adverse effects

The inhaler can cause certain side effects such as rapid heart rate, headache, elevation of the blood pressure, nausea, pain in the stomach, and others.

Overdose signs and therapy

When you order Alvesco, you should follow your healthcare provider recommendations on the medication use otherwise you may end up overdosing and developing such negative symptoms as increase of the dryness of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and pharynx, sensation of irritation or perspiration in the throat, and dysphonia. The acute overdose doesn’t require any treatment as the symptoms go away by themselves. But if you overdose regularly, it can affect the function of the adrenal glands. Then you would need to undergo a medical examination and symptomatic therapy.

Where to buy Alvesco?

Since the inhaler must be used daily for a long time, it is better to order Generic Alvesco online than purchase a branded medication at a regular drugstore. This way you will save on the inhaler itself and visits your doctor for a prescription.

Alvesco shipping

Our pharmacy specializes in the international selling of the medications. Therefore, you can without any doubts order the inhaler to any corner of the world.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Ciclohale online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Ciclohale arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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