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Damizol and its generics are the medications based on two active agents - Diloxanide Furoate and Metronidazole. The medications are used in adults and children for the elimination of amoebic infections of the intestines, liver, and other organs as well as systemic amoebic infections. The medications are used only in the confirmed susceptibility of the pathogen to the active ingredients. Therefore, it is reasonable to start the therapy only after doing the tests. Read our guide to know more about the medication use, symptoms of the diseases that are treated with it, contraindications, side effects, and so on.
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Diloxanide Furoate / Metronidazole
Helps to eliminate amoebic infections and prevent their complications
Diloxanide, Furoate, Metronidazole, Metrogyl
Damizol (Diloxanide Furoate / Metronidazole 250/200 mg)
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Generic Damizol (Diloxanide Furoate / Metronidazole 250/200 mg) guide:

What is Damizol?

Damizol is one of the trade names registered for the compound Diloxanide Furoate plus Metronidazole used against intestinal parasites. The formula of this combination medication is known for a long time already which makes it possible for numerous manufacturers to use it and sell but under different names.

The effect of the medication is due to the effects of two separate substances. Diloxanide Furoate works only in the digestive tract and is a lumenal amebicide (treats amoeba infections). It is not a first line medication and is used only if no symptoms are present but the individual is a carrier of cysts and can infect others. It influences the phospholipids of the cyst E. coli. It is hydrolyzed with the release of active diloxanide, most of which is absorbed, metabolized in the liver and excreted predominantly in the urine. Nonabsorbed diloxanide (about 10%) acts on the amoeba, which lives in the lumen of the intestine. It is excreted in feces.

Metronidazole is an anti protozoa bacteria and antimicrobial medication. The action of the drug is due to the reduction of the 5-nitro group of Metronidazole by intracellular transport proteins of anaerobic microorganisms and protozoa. It inhibits the synthesis of the pathogens nucleic acids, which leads to their death.

The medication is active against Trichomonas vaginalis, Gardnerella vaginalis, Giardia intestinalis, Entamoeba histolytica, Bacteroides spp. Fusobacterium spp., Veillonela spp .; Some gram-positive bacteria: Eubacterium spp., Clostridium spp., Peptococcus spp., Peptostreptococcus spp, and Helicobacter pylori (gram-negative).

Can you get a generic version of the medication when your doctor prescribes you the branded Damizol?

Millions of people around the world choose generic versions of the medications instead of the branded ones to save money on the treatment. And it is a good solution! If you don’t have money for an expensive branded drug, you can either buy a previous generation medication or a new drug but sold under another name. This practice is used all over the world and is encouraged by the WHO to allow people from the underdeveloped and developing countries enjoy the effect of the latest medical discoveries at the affordable cost. Generics are sold also at the regular drugstores in the developed countries but it is always cheaper to buy Damizol from an online pharmacy located abroad to enjoy even lower price, i.e. the price set for the developing countries where the level of average income is lower than in the developed countries.

When can you purchase Damizol or a generic version of the drug?

The medication is appointed to be used in the diagnosed intestinal amoebic infection, including in the amoebic cyst carriers, liver abscess caused by amoebic infection, and other infections including systemic ones caused by the susceptible pathogens.

As you can see, the use of the medication is reasonable only in the diagnosed conditions in which the pathogens that caused them are sensitive to the compound. Therefore, it is not suitable to buy Generic Damizol before you undergo all necessary tests and receive a medical report with a precise diagnosis, i.e. the name and description of the illness along with the names of pathogens that caused it.

The symptoms that can signalize that you have an illness caused by the pathogens that are treated with Diloxanide Furoate/Metronidazole are general weakness, diarrhea with or without drops of blood, pain in the lower abdomen, and fever.

If the condition isn’t treated, the symptoms can go away for some time and then reoccur. Then, the condition transfers into a chronic phase. On the base of it, anemia and extreme weight loss can occur. Besides, such complications as perforation of the intestinal wall, bleeding, peritonitis, narrowing of the intestine can develop. These complications are life-threatening and require urgent hospitalization.

The infection is mainly dangerous for people with immune deficiency, children, and people of old age, pregnant women, and people who use corticosteroids as in these groups of patients it can spread all over the body and organs and quickly cause complications mentioned above. Therefore, if you have any signs of the disease or someone from your family has them, visit a doctor immediately.

The infection is mainly active during the summer time. It is important to pay attention to the listed symptoms and get tested quickly if you have been traveling to warm countries especially with low sanitary level.

Who cannot use the drug?

The medication cannot be used in people who show severe allergic reactions after the pills intake as this means that they are hypersensitive to the medication’s components. Besides, it must not be used during first three months of pregnancy and when a woman breastfeeds (discontinuation of breastfeeding is advised), and in young age (younger than 2 years).

Even though you believe that you or your family member who exhibits the symptoms of an infection have contraindications for the medication use, you still need to visit a doctor and maybe he or she will prescribe you to buy Diloxanide Furoate/Metronidazole nevertheless.

What adverse effects can Diloxanide Furoate/Metronidazole cause?

The medication is in general well-tolerated and can cause mild occasional adverse reactions such as pain in the belly, nausea, burning in the mouth after the intake, lightheadedness, headache, and others.

If the symptoms are mild to moderate, you don’t need to discontinue using the medication or consult your doctor about them. But if the symptoms are severe or you develop allergic reactions such as swelling, skin rash, itching and/or reddening of the skin, you need to inform your doctor immediately and get the replacement medication as the antibacterial therapy must be continued but possibly with another drug.

How the medication interacts with other drugs?

The effect of the drug can be lowered by the use of certain medications, or, it can on the contrary influence the effect or safety of other substances. Therefore, you need to inform your healthcare provider about any meds or supplements that you take before you buy Generic Diloxanide Furoate/Metronidazole and start taking the pills. Here you can find a short list of most notable interactions but please read the complete up to date instruction when before you start the therapy.

The medication elevates the concentration of anticoagulant medications such so their dosages must be adjusted if the drugs are taken together.

Medicines that influence the production of liver enzymes contribute to the faster or slower elimination of the antimicrobial medication from the body and its reduced efficiency or elevated level of the medication in the blood.

The drug possibly can lower the effectiveness of birth control pills so it is advised to use other contraception methods while undergoing the therapy.

When you undergo the antimicrobial therapy with the drug, you must avoid drinking alcohol as it will increase the likelihood of unpleasant effects such as nausea, vomiting, pain in the stomach, and others.

How do you detect if you overdosed and what should you do?

In an overdose, such symptoms as cramps, seizures, nausea, vomiting, and impaired coordination develop. The treatment requires measures to reduce the symptoms. If the symptoms are severe, seek medical assistance without any delay.

How to use the medication?

Before you order Damizol, obviously it is preferable to get precise instructions on how to use the pills from your doctor. Here we provide the data from the drug’s instruction but these recommendations can be adjusted by a doctor based on your age, general health condition, and so on.

Adults are usually prescribed to take two Damizol tablets three times a day for 5 days. In severe cases, the course can be extended to 10 days.

Children aged from five to twelve years are advised to take from a half of a pill to one pill three times a day for 5 days.

People aged over 65 may require lower dosages due to a health condition and need to undergo monitoring of medication level in the blood.

People with liver dysfunction also may require dosage adjustments and monitoring of blood plasma levels of the compound.

Where can you buy Damizol?

If you need an urgent therapy, it would be reasonable to get the drug from a nearby drugstore but if you can wait for at least a week, you can order Generic Damizol from our medstore and enjoy a lower price per pill. Please clarify with your doctor when you need to start the therapy before you order the pills.

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