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Generic Priligy is a name for drugs identical to the brand-name medication but made by other pharmaceutical companies. Priligy and its generics are made to help men with premature ejaculation last longer during a sexual intercourse and regain confidence. The medication temporarily influences serotonin reuptake and doesn’t have any long term or irreversible effect on the body. On this page you can find complete instruction for the drug use, precautions, special recommendations, side effects, and measures in overdose.
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Helps to have long-lasting sexual intercourse
Dapoxetine (Priligy 30 mg)
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More facts about Generic Dapoxetine (Priligy 30 mg):

Generic Dapoxetine (Priligy 30 mg) guide:

What is Generic Priligy? Is it different from the brand-name medication?

One of the most common sexual health problems in men is premature ejaculation. It is a condition in which men cannot have a long-lasting or at least average-lasting sexual intercourse and have an orgasm and semen expel early. Some men can have premature ejaculation even before starting the intercourse in minimal stimulation. Naturally, it isn’t pleasant both for men who suffer from it and their partners. Generic Priligy is the drug that can help all of them have a normal sexual life. Priligy is a brand name owned by Johnson Johnson. It is probably the mostly known name for the drug in the U.S. However, it’s not the only name of the drug. It is manufactured and marketed by multiple pharmaceutical companies. All of them have to register their own trade names. Therefore, you can find the drug under such names as Dapoxetine, Dumax, Sustinex, and many others. The collective name “Generic Priligy” is used to facilitate the search for the drug and relieve you from the necessity to remember all of the drug names.

Generic versions of the drug are absolutely identical to the brand-name drug if you buy them from a reliable drug seller. The medications are based on the active substance Dapoxetine that mildly influences serotonin level in men though which the effect of the drug is achieved.

When should Generic Dapoxetine be used?

You can buy Generic Dapoxetine if you suffer from inability to have a long-lasting intercourse (premature ejaculation), i.e. have an orgasm and expel semen in minimal sexual stimulation, right after the beginning of a sexual intercourse, or want to improve your standard stamina during sex to make it more pleasurable and long-lasting.
If you also suffer from erectile dysfunction, please check other drugs from our online pharmacy. We have a combination medication that treats both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation which is celled Generic Cialis with Dapoxetine.

How does Generic Priligy act?

Though it may sound surprising to you, researchers and medics cannot fully explain the mechanism that is responsible for the drug’s effect. The drug was initially developed as an antidepressants but the drug is quickly absorbed and excreted from the body what makes it ineffective for such conditions as depression. Though it’s mechanism of action is quite similar to antidepressants.
The ejaculation mechanism is mainly regulated by the sympathetic nervous system. Postganglionic sympathetic nerve fibers innervate the seminal vesicles, the prostate, the vas deferens, the urethra and the neck of the bladder, causing their contraction which causes ejaculation. Dapoxetine, the active ingredient of the preparation, affects the ejaculation reflex, increasing the latent period and decreasing the duration of reflex impulses of motor neurons of the perineal ganglia. It is assumed that the drug’s effect is related to the inhibition of the reuptake of serotonin by neurons, followed by an increase in the action of the neurotransmitter on pre- and postsynaptic receptors.

How should you use the brand or Generic Priligy?

It doesn’t matter whether you buy Priligy or the pills manufactured by another drug maker and sold as generic, the dosages are the same. Therefore, if you have a prescription from your doctor with recommendations on how to use the medication, you can order Generic Priligy and take it according to those guidelines.

The standard recommended dosage and regimen of intake of the medication are the following:
It is endorsed to start using the medication in the dosage of 30 mg a day 1-3 hours before the anticipated sexual intercourse. If the effect is insufficient but the drug is well tolerated, the dosage can be increased to 60 or 90 mg a day. You don’t need to take the medication daily as it doesn’t have an accumulative effect. The pills should be used only before you plan on having sex. It is also strongly not advised to use more than 1 pill a day.
Ideally, the effectiveness of the drug should be assessed by a doctor 4 weeks after the therapy start or after the intake of 6 dosages. This period is sufficient to understand whether the drug is effective in a certain patient or not.

Dosage adjustments

People with mild to moderate liver or kidney impairment do not need dosage adjustment. People with severe violations of these organs’ functions should refrain from the drug use.
People with low activity of CYP2D6 or receiving therapy that involves inhibition of CYP2D6 should not use increased dosages of the drug and stick to the initial 30 mg dosage.

Whom the drug is contraindicated?

Do not buy Generic Priligy if you are allergic to its components, have severe heart condition, suffered a heart attack or myocardium infarction less than a half of year ago, have severe liver or kidney impairment, or are lactose intolerant. The drug is also contraindicated for men younger than 18 years of age or older than 64.

If you currently suffer or have a history of orthostatic hypotension, mania/hypomania or bipolar disorder, you should also refrain from the drug use.

What are possible adverse reactions of Generic Dapoxetine use?

Before you order Generic Dapoxetine, you should be prepared that the medication can cause certain adverse reactions such as nausea, dizziness, headache, diarrhea, insomnia, tiredness, and others. These effects are dose-dependent, i.e. their likelihood increases with the dosages of the drug you use. These are the most common side effects that occur in around 11% of men who use Priligy. Other, less common side effects include anxiety, sleepiness, flushes, nasal congestion, and others.

With what drugs Brand and Priligy (Dapoxetine) can negatively interact?

Before you start the therapy with the drug, make sure to check that you don’t use any drugs it can cause severe negative effects on your health with: MAO inhibitors. Patients who received both Dapoxetine and MAO inhibitors suffered from serious, sometimes incurable, reactions, including hyperthermia, stiffness, myoclonus, sharp fluctuations in the indices of vital functions, changes in the mental condition, including unhealthy excitation followed by delirium and coma. Thioridazine. The drug should not be used 7 days after you stop the therapy with Priligy and Priligy is contraindicated to be taken before 14 days pass after the therapy end with Thioridazine. Preparations with serotonergic action. The drugs should not be used 7 days after you stop the therapy with Priligy and Priligy is contraindicated to be taken before 14 days pass after the therapy end with drugs from the class. Inhibitors of CYP3A4 enzyme
There are other drug combinations that can negatively affect your health. Therefore, it is better to consult your doctor to find out whether the medications or supplements that you use are compatible or incompatible with the drug.

Symptoms and treatment of the overdose with Priligy (Dapoxetine)

When you order Generic Dapoxetine, you should use it carefully and never overdose as the medication is quite potent and in the increased dosages the side effects’ likelihood sharply increases. The common symptoms of an overdose include sleepiness, indigestion, tachycardia, tremor, agitation, and dizziness. The mild symptoms do not require any specific treatment. If the symptoms are severe, you should seek medical assistance or call your local poison help line and get the instructions on how you should cope with them.

Where to buy Priligy (Dapoxetine)?

In the U.S., Priligy is a prescription drug. In other countries it is not. Naturally, it is more convenient to get the drug without Rx even if you have a prescription now because you wouldn’t need to go to your doctor for a new prescription next time. Moreover, in the countries where the drug is sold over-the-counter, it is cheaper. We offer you to get a generic version of the medication at a significantly lower price and without Rx. Just hit the order button and follow the instruction.

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We ship the medications that we sell all over the world. We ship to the U.S. via USPS. All parcels are accompanied with tracking numbers so you can find out where your parcel is easily. To maximally save, you can opt for standard shipping. If you need the pills sooner, opt for more expensive express shipping.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Priligy online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

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All orders of Priligy arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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