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What is Tadaga? How to Treat with Generic Tadaga.

Drug description:
Tadaga is a medication for erectile dysfunction treatment in men of all ages. It is based on Tadalafil, the same active substance which is used in Cialis. The drug is, in fact, identical to the brand-name medication but is simply manufactured by another company that markets it under its own trade name. Tadaga is cheaper than the brand medication but has the same safety level, effect, and duration of effect. Find out more about the drug from our med guide.
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Helps to achieve erection, maintain erection, have long-lasting sexual intercourse
Kamagra, Kamagra soft, Viagra, Sildenafil, Sildenafil Citrate, Cialis, Cialis soft, Sialis, ICOS 351, Tadanafil, Viagra
Tadaga (Tadaga 2.5 mg)
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Generic Tadaga (Tadaga 2.5 mg) guide:

What is Tadaga?

Tadaga is a name of the medication manufactured by a certain pharmaceutical company but is basically Cialis. The medication is also referred to as Generic Cialis or Generic Tadalafil. These are unofficial names that are used to help people find the analogs of the expensive drug cheaper. Usually, namely the brand-name advertised in the U.S. drugs are the most expensive. But in other countries the same drugs are also used yet they cost several times cheaper. Tadaga is an amazing example of how a brand name and country where the drug is sold influence its price. In short, if you want to buy Cialis cheap, order Tadaga from our online drugstore.

What is Generic Tadalafil?

Tadalafil is the name of the active substance used in the drugs used to eliminate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It is the main active ingredient of the well-known “weekend pill” Cialis and other medications including Tadaga, Tadacip, and others. The medications based on this ingredient help men with erectile dysfunction to be able to easily achieve and maintain an erection strong enough for a long-lasting sexual intercourse. In fact, the medication acts similarly to Viagra but its main advantage is the longer-lasting effect.

When should you buy Tadaga?

Many men from time to time suffer from an inability to get and sustain an erection. Though it is an unpleasant occurrence, it is absolutely normal if it happens rarely in young men or frequently in middle-aged or elderly men. Young men basically do not require any therapy if they don’t have any underlying conditions that cause impotence, for example, diabetes, tumor, violation of the blood circulation, mental condition, and so on. The inability to get and maintain an erection can also be a result of certain medications use such as drugs for depression, alopecia treatment, and others. In such cases, a young man can buy Tadaga and use it as long as the other condition is present that causes erectile dysfunction (ED) and stop taking the pills once the main disease is treated.

In case with the medications that cause impotence, men who experience it can either stop using the medication or start using Tadaga along with it if the drugs are compatible. If the ED in a young man isn’t caused by any ongoing condition and occurs rarely due to such factors are stress, lack of sleep, exhaustion, excessive alcohol consumption, and so on, he can order Generic Tadaga and use it when needed or try to avoid the factors that make him unable to achieve an erection and not use the ED drug.

Middle-aged and elderly men are more prone to developing ED without any serious underlying conditions. Impotence in men over 40-50 years of age can be an age-related condition. Therefore, they are the main group of people for whom the medication was developed. However, for their safety, it is better to check their health before starting Tadalafil use to exclude any serious conditions such as cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and others that can be accompanied by ED.

How and when to use the medication?

If you know that it is a problem for you to achieve an erection, do not wait till the intercourse, and take the medication in advance. The drug needs at least 15 minutes after the intake for the effect to onset.
The dosages are the same as for the brand and generic medications. The starting dosage which is used to make sure that the medicine is well tolerated and doesn’t cause allergic reactions or other side effects is from 5 to 20 mg taken once in 24 hours at least 15 minutes before the planned intercourse. If the drug is well tolerated, the dosage can be gradually increased next time to achieve a more pronounced or longer-lasting effect. For example, we offer you to buy Tadaga 60 mg which can ensure 36 hours of effect without any additional dosages and stimulants.

This unique medication can be also used daily if you lead an active sexual life and don’t want to take a pill in hurry before an intercourse. However, if you choose this manner of use, you need to take not the regular single dosage but 5 mg dosages at the same time daily.

Dosage adjustments of Generic Tadalafil

The medication is quite safe and doesn’t require dosage adjustments in elderly patients whom the medication is not contraindicated. However, it is advised to start using the drug from 5 mg a day. If this dosage doesn’t cause any side effects but the desired effect is not achieved, the dosage can be then increased to 10 mg, and so on.
Men with diabetes and/or mild to moderate kidney failure (creatinine clearance more than 31 but less than 80 ml per minute) also need to start the therapy of ED with the lower dosage of Tadalafil, therefore, they need to order Tadaga 5 mg and then gradually increase the dosage if there are no side effects.

People with mild to moderate liver failure do not need dosage adjustments. However, it would be wise to consult a doctor first to be sure that they don’t suffer from any accompanying conditions or do not take any medications incompatible with Tadaga use.

What’s the drug mechanism?

The active substance of the medication sold under the trade name Tadaga is a PDE5 inhibitor, i.e. it inhibits (suppresses) the effect of the enzyme abbreviated PDE5. This enzyme produced by the body interferes with the normal erection occurring process because it suppresses the enzyme that relaxes the muscles in the genitalia and allows the penis to be filled in with the blood freely which is the main factor for erection occurrence. Suppressing the “unfavorable” enzyme, the medication helps Cyclic guanosine monophosphate (an enzyme responsible for erection occurrence) to do its job.
For more detailed information please refer to the instruction of Tadaga or Tadalafil.

Whom Tadaga is contraindicated?

The medication is not designed for use in women or men under 18 years of age. It also should not be used if you have previously bought any medication based on Tadalafil and experienced side effects, as it mean that the drug is unsuitable for you.

Side effects the drug use can cause

The most frequent side effects observed during the tests of the medication are a headache and dyspepsia (disruption of normal function of the stomach, difficult and painful digestion). These side effects are considered harmless and usually go away within a couple of days of Tadaga use.

More unpleasant adverse reactions which occur rarely are flushing, back pain, stuffy nose, and pain in the legs. These side effects also go away in continuous drug use.
The symptoms that indicate that you can have allergy to the medication are eyelids swelling, ache in the eyes, rash, itching, and others. In case these side effects occur, stop taking the drug and instead order another medication for ED based on different ingredients.

Tadaga drug combinations

Before you buy Generic Tadaga, make sure to check with your doctor that you are not using any medications based on nitrates. These are usually heart medicines which when combined with the ED drug can lead to fatality.
Protease inhibitors (e.g. Ritonavir and Saquinavir) as well as CYP3A4 inhibitors such as Erythromycin and itraconazole increase the medication activity.
The medication needs more time to start acting in combined use of Tadaga with antacids (drugs for the stomach acidity decrease).

Tadaga overdose signs and therapy

For different men, an overdose can occur from a different dosage. For example, people with severe kidney impairment can accumulate the active substance of the medication in their bodies as the excretion is lowered. Nevertheless, if you don’t have any serious conditions and take up to 500 mg per day, the likelihood of the negative effects increases but it is not life threatening.
There is no specific antidote for the drug so you need to wait till the drug is washed out of the body. However, if you have any heart malfunction symptoms such as rapid heart rate, chest tightness, and others, you need to seek medical attention as the active intercourse or stimulation under the medication effect may have led to the heart attack. It is not directly related to the drug or the overdose but in case you have any heart conditions, the use of the drug and active sexual intercourse can contribute to their exacerbations.

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