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Generic Imuran, (also known as Azathioprine) belongs to the immunosuppressive kind of medications. Its function is to slow down defensive abilities of the organism in the situations when it is vitally important. Another thing, this particular preparation slows down the splitting of cells. Such medicine is vital after organ transplantation surgery. It has limited availability. There are definite conditions that are cured by means of Azathioprine such as depressing the reaction of tissue incompatibility in case of organ transplantation, treating rheumatoid arthritis, exanthematous lupus erythematosus, large intestine inflammation that causes ulcers and appears from unknown reasons. The discussed pharmaceutical product may be also used for treatment of other health conditions. In this article you will find general information about its action, description, side effects, dosage and contradictions, but it is not a recommendation for usage. Only after talking to your doctor and clinical tests and research you may apply the preparation following all instructions of your personal health care provider.
R.P.G. pharmaceuticals Azathioprine Imuran 50 mg R.P.G. pharmaceuticals
Rheumatoid arthritis, exanthematous lupus erythematosus, intestine inflammation
Immunosuppressive medication, prevents rejection of the transplant
Azamun, Azanin, Azasan, Ccucol, Imurek, Imurel, Rorasul
Imuran (Azathioprine 50 mg)
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More facts about Generic Imuran (Azathioprine 50 mg):

Generic Imuran (Azathioprine 50 mg) guide:

You can buy Generic Imuran in a form of tablets anduse only orally. Specialists define it as an antimetabolite. Actually, by its mechanism of action, this drug can be determined as an immunosuppressant; it means that its active ingredient slows down defensive powers of organism by depressing the effect of some specific cells in humans’ immune system. People who need this supplement are patients after organ transplantation surgery (especially, kidney transplantation). Using the drug prevents rejection of the transplant by the organism.

The active ingredient of Generic Imuran is azathioprine. Each pill contains 50 mg of this substance. Inactive ingredients are next: lactose, stearic acid, povidone, magnesium stearate, and potato starch. Make sure that you do not have allergic reactions to any of these components.



The described preparation is a pharmaceutical product and should be treated accordingly. Do not order Azathioprine online if you do not have the doctor’s prescription for it. The medication has some possible severe side effects (see the Side Effects paragraph) that may appear as a result of improper application. The specialist should monitor any changes in patients’ health conditions and do tests regularly during the entire process of treatment. Using this preparation for a long time may increase the risk of specific types of cancer development. There is risk of leukemia (blood cancer) or lymphoma (skin cancer) appearance. Every patient should be checked regularly to detect such problems as soon as possible. Those, who have ever had any kind of cancer before should report about it to his or her doctor.

Usage and dosage

Usage and dosage

Only the specialist can count the dose and treatment course duration for you. Consult the prescription label from time to time to make sure that you do everything correctly. The drug must be taken orally with or without meal. Patients with stomach upset or ulcers should take it with food to avoid severe pain and worsening of their condition. In case of missing the dose, take it as soon as you remember; avoid using the pill if the next portion must be consumed soon. In such case, skip the missed dose and continue your usual course of treatment. Do not double the dose to avoid side effects approach. Never use any pharmaceutical product with alcohol. This may cause severe allergic reaction and even be lethal.

The dose of the Azathioprine depends on the condition that must be cured and on personal health features of every patient. In case of after transplantation treatment, the sufficient dose to prevent rejection is 3-5 mg for each kilogram (depending on the weight of a patient). This portion is applied for the first time in the day of surgery. It is also recommended to start using the minimum dose 2-3 days before the transplantation. The doctor may suggest to reduce the dose, but it must not be increased to the levels when it may cause toxic reactions and allergies. In case of toxicity appearance, the usage of drug may be stopped even if the rejection of the transplant will occur after withdrawal. For rheumatoid arthritis the initial dose is usually 1.0 mg per kilogram. One day portion is approximately 50 to 100 mg (1-2 tablets). The dose may be increased after 6 weeks of usage. Each patient’s health condition should be monitored carefully. Order Generic Imuran to treat your health condition.

Side effects

Side effects

There are common and severeside effects of the preparation that may possibly appear. If one person outlives negative consequences using the drug, it does not mean that another person will have the same problems using it. The approach of ill effects depends on the personal characteristics of each patient and his attitude toward the medicine. Constant overdose, missing the dose or taking it with forbidden substances are the most common reasons of the side effects’ appearance. Discuss all possible negative consequences with your doctor before you buy Azathioprine. Its common side effects are moderate nausea and/or vomiting. Usually, they disappear after few days, but if they continue to bother you for a long time, talk to your health care provider.

It is necessary to seek medical help if you recognize next severe ill effects: harsh allergic reaction, pain in chest, loss of appetite, stomach pain, painful or abnormal urination, skin disorders, and difficult breathing. This is not a complete list of the preparation’s side effects. Talk to your doctor or read the instruction list from the inside of the drug container.



Tell your doctor about all health problems that you have at the moment. The preparation decreases the defensive functions of the organism and may lower its ability to confront infections. Try to avoid contacts with people who have cold or other infection diseases. Because the medication reduces forming of the blood clots, be careful not to damage your skin to avoid bleeding. Every other pharmaceutical product that you use to treat other health conditions must be reported to your health care provider. Before you order Azathioprine make sure that any of them come into negative reaction with this medication. Discuss such possibility with your therapist and follow all his directions. Generic Imuran may increase the risk of cancer of different kind. It is important to do all recommended tests to monitor any changes in your body. You must be ready to accomplish all needed procedures.

It is forbidden to use this particular drug during pregnancy and breast-feeding. It causes damage to the unborn child and passes into the breast milk. If you may get pregnant, use birth control while applying the discussed medicine.


Keep the preparation in dark, cool, dry place where children cannot reach it. It is illegal to sold the leftovers to other people. Do not put them into the garbage as well. Use the give back program to utilize pills that you do not need.

How to buy Azathioprine?

How to buy Azathioprine?

It is not very easy to buy Azathioprine in the regular drug stores because of its special usage and mechanism of action. It can be available only making a special order that may or may not be satisfied. If you need this particular preparation as soon as possible and you do not have time or strength to look for it around the city, use the online shopping option. There are many reliable websites that have rare pharmaceutical products in storage. You can find the major ones in a few minutes and choose the most suitable, comparing their prices and available bonuses. Online professional consultants will help you answering all your questions and providing with all detailed information. In case when you need this certain drug, online purchase is the only available option for you.

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Generic Imuran shipping by Rxshop

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