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Cilostazol is a phosphodiesterase III selective inhibitor. Another name is Generic Pletal. The drug is available in tablets of 100 mg. This effective preparation has ability to widen blood vessels. It also has antiaggregant and antithrombotic action. Doctors prescribe it for patients that have problems with blood flow when it is not enough for normal work of lower appendages. Narrowing of certain blood vessels that supply legs with blood leads to painful feelings there and eventually causes serious problems with walking and movement. This disease is called intermittent claudication. Such medications as the described one also prevent blood from fast clotting. For this reason, there are some contradictions that you may find below in this article. Cilostazol is a drug that can be purchased only by the doctor’s prescription in regular drug stores but you can buy it online without prescription. The information in this medication guide is not given as a direct recommendation to buy the medication. Do not buy Generic Pletal if you do not have precise directions how to use it given by your health care provider. Read the information carefully.
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Blood vessels disorders, post stroke syndrome
Antiaggregant and antithrombotic action, widens blood vessels, prevents blood from fast clotting
Pletal (Cilostazol 100 mg)
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Generic Pletal (Cilostazol 100 mg) guide:

The primary action of the preparation is to inhibit phosphodiesterase type III. It is more effective than aspirin, ticlopidine, and some other tablets. It decreases forming of arterial thrombi, proliferation of soft muscular cells, and has vessel-widening effect. Another positive effect of this particular drug that scientists have discovered through multiple clinical researches is decreasing of serum level of triglycerides.  Noticeable changes in their health condition patients feel after 4-5 weeks of using this medicine.

Cilostazole is released by means of metabolism and further release through urine. Its effectiveness does not depend on patients’ age. The described pills have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States that means that its safety and effectiveness have been proven.

Specialists prescribe the discussed pills for next health conditions: after stentingin combination with aspirin, for maximum distance of walking without painful feelings in patients that do not have necrosis of peripheral tissues symptoms. At the moment, specialists discuss possibility to use it to prevent repeatable stroke, thrombosis and restenosis after surgeries that reconstruct blood vessels. It is also may be taken to treat post stroke syndrome. 



Take to notice that this preparation is prescribed for special illnesses, connected to the blood vessels disorders. Only the specialist can decide to use it for other purposes. Do not follow recommendations of non-specialists that are not competent in such questions.

Being a pharmaceutical product, this preparation must be treated accordingly. Do not take it differently than your prescription label instructs. Report any other health conditions and all additional medications that you use to treat them before you start using this preparation; some of them may come into negative reactions with each other and cause painful feelings.

Usage and dosage

Usage and dosage

You should use the preparation the way it was prescribed for you by your doctor. Any changes in the dose and duration of the treatment course should not be made. If you take less than your organism needs, you will feel no difference in your health condition. Taking too much may lead to overdose that in its turn may cause severe poisoning, allergic reactions and other unpredictable consequences. Discuss with your doctor if you do not feel positive changes after prolonged time of usage. If you outlive severe ill effects, your health care provider may suggest withdrawal of drugs from your curing process; but you cannot stop taking them without his permission. The withdrawal must be performed carefully to avoid negative reactions. Never use pills that have been prescribed for someone else. Consult only your personal prescription label for dose and duration.

Generic Pletal 100 mg has some common usage recommendations. Start your treatment with one 100 mg pill twice per day (if only your doctor does not suggest another dose). You should take it on empty stomach 30minutes before the meal or 2 hours after it. If taken with food, the active ingredient may increase the risk of side effects appearance, concentrating in blood. Avoid drinking grapefruit juice or eating grapefruits if you have to consume the pill soon.
Try to consume the tablet at the same time every day for better effect. The course of treatment usually lasts from 12 to 16 weeks. Your doctor will check your health condition regularly to make sure that the substance works properly and does not cause harm to your organism.

Do not miss the dose. If it happens that you miss it, do not double the next portion. Continue your usual course, skipping the missed pill.

Side effects

Side effects

Before you buy Cilostazol, read all available information about its mild and severe side effects. Take to notice, that they do not appear in most cases. If you use the medication properly according to all doctor’s recommendations, there should not be any negative feelings. Overdose and using pills with alcohol or food may call out ill consequences.

Mild side effects that usually are not painful and vanish in a short period of time are stool problems, diarrhea, back pain, headache, indigestion, runny nose, nausea, stomach and throat irritation. Very small amount of consumers report these issues. If any of these begin to disturb you and are painful, call your doctor. You may need immediate medical help if you recognize any of these severe side effects: allergic reaction with its signs (swelling of face, hardened breathing, skin disorders, itching, and hives), bloody vomiting, blood in urine, chest pain, fainting, symptoms of infection, persistent dizziness, and irregular heart beating. There are also other major side effects of this particular medicine. Ask your doctor for more information about this point.

Overdose has such signs as severe headache, diarrhea, tachycardia, and arrhythmia. If you suspect that you have overdose, call you doctor immediately or contact local poison control center.



Before you buy Generic Pletal, ask your doctor if it is safe to take it with such medicine (if you take any of them at the moment) as fluconazole, ritonavir, itraconazole, clarithromycin, diltiazem, omeprazole, or any other. Do not use this preparation if you suffer from some kind of heart failure; consequences may be lethal. It is important to talk to your health care provider if you are pregnant. It may be not safe to use pills in this state. Do not take them if you are nursing your child.
Cilostazol decreases the ability of blood to clot; avoid activities that may damage your skin and cause bleeding. Do not stay close to people with infection diseases; during the treatment with this drug, your immune system may become weaker.


Keep pills in dry, cool, and dark place.

How to buy Generic Pletal?

How to buy Generic Pletal?

The discussed preparation whether original or generic, belongs to the category of preparations with limited access. To start your course of treatment, you should order Cilostazol online or make a special order in major regular drug stores of the country. If you live in the place where this medicine is not available, online purchase is your only option.

Major online drug stores receive hundreds of orders and they usually are able to provide their customers with all preparations with common or limited availability. Ask your health care provider or competent pharmacist to recommend you reliable and respectful websites that you can visit. Order Generic Pletal only this way. Avoid fake medications; be careful not to become a victim of frauds.

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