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What is Elimite? How to Treat with Generic Permethrin.

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Elimite is a brand of the medicine based on Permethrin which is used for the treatment of scabies and head/pubic lice. It comes in two formulations ointment and solution. The ointment or cream is used for scabies and solution is used for the elimination of lice. The generic forms of the medication are the same but are sold cheaper simply because they are made by other companies. Get acquainted with the medication cautious use, dosages, and so on reading our guide.
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Helps to eliminate scabies, head lice, and pubic lice quickly and effectively at home.
Acticin Cream, Nix, PerFoam
Elimite (Permethrin 5%cream/30 g)
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More facts about Generic Elimite (Permethrin 5%cream/30 g):

Generic Elimite (Permethrin 5%cream/30 g) guide:

What is Elimite?

Elimite cream is the medical product based on Permethrin which is also sold under other trade names and different formulations. It is an anti-pedicidal, insecticidal, and acaricidal medication, i.e. it is used to cope with lice, fleas, ticks, and other ectoparasites such as arthropods.

The active substance of the cream was developed back in 1973, which means that it can be used by numerous manufacturers. You can buy Elimite basically under any other name and get the same effect as long as the active substance name is Permethrin. It is beneficial to order the drug under other names as if they are less known it means that these medicines are cheaper.

When should you buy Generic Elimite?

You can get the medication and start using it if you suffer from pediculosis (lice) of the scalp, pubic pediculosis (including nidus), or scabies.

How can you know if you suffer from these parasites? Pediculosis is a parasitic disease of the skin and its derivatives, i.e. hair. Human can suffer from the head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis), clothes lice Pediculus humanus corporis), and the pubic lice (Phtyrus pubis). Lice feed on the blood of the carrier and get their eggs (nits) stuck to the head hair, folds of clothing, and less often to the body hair.

The signs that you may have lice are itching on at the place of bite, small grayish-bluish spots on the skin, and wounds as a result of scratching the bite place, and presence of nits in the hair. As a result of scratching the bites, you can develop pustular (purulent) skin diseases.

From the time of infestation to the onset of first symptoms there can be several weeks. You can get head lice from simply talking to an infected person while pubic lice can be acquired during a sexual intercourse or as clothes lice, through clothing, bedclothes, and so on.

Clothes lice can be carriers of typhus and a number of other infections. Pubic and head lice are much less often can be the carriers and spread such diseases. Nevertheless, all of these parasites cause a lot of discomfort both physical and mental as being infected with them you cannot socialize and lead a normal life which is why it is important to start the therapy as soon as possible and buy Generic Elimite cream that copes with them effectively.

The medication is also suitable for the treatment of scabies.

How Generic Elimite cream acts?

The efficiency of the medical product is due to the ionic permeability of sodium channels and inhibition of polarization (repolarization) of the membrane of nerve cells in lice, fleas, ticks (including scabies) and other ectoparasites of the family of arthropods, which leads to a paralyzing effect.

After the skin application, the absorption is not more than two percents. The substance that enters the systemic blood circulation is quickly transformed into the inactive metabolites which are expected in urine.
After a single application of the substance, the anti parasitic effect is maintained within two to six weeks (depending on the formulation used).

How to use Generic Elimite cream?

The cream is indicated for the external use only. It should be applied only on the affected areas in a thin layer which is then gently rubbed into the skin. Twenty-four hours after the application, it is advised to wash the areas on which the cream was applied with soap and change the clothes. Avoid getting the cream into the eyes. If it did get into the eye, wash them out with sufficient amount of running water. The medication must not also get onto the mucous membranes (including mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, and genitals). After applying the ointment, you should thoroughly wash your hands. The use of ointment is allowed only in well-ventilated rooms or outdoors.

Usually, the medication is used only once. If the new foci of scabies occur, the procedure should be repeated applying the ointment 2 weeks after the first application.

If you buy Permethrin for the use in children, you should remember that it should be washed out twelve hours after the application instead of twenty-four hours indicated for adults.

If after the application of the ointment you still suffer from pronounced itching, you can re-apply it within one or two days after the first use. The maximum duration of the treatment course is 5 consecutive applications of the ointment.
In case after the complete course you still do not experience any improvement of the symptoms, you need to undergo additional medical examination and tests.

After each use of the medication you must clean the bedclothes and clothes with hot water or steamed.

To get rid of lice, the solution is used. The hair must be moistened with a solution with the help of a cotton swab, rubbing the drug into the roots of the hair. After the procedure, the preparation must be left on the hair for 10-40 minutes (head can be covered with a cotton scarf), then it should be rinsed thoroughly with warm running water with soap or shampoo and dried in the usual way. After the hair is washed, it must be combed with a wide toothed comb to remove dead parasites; In case of detection of live lice, repeat the treatment before the subsequent washing of hair or after 7 days.

The amount of the solution needed depends on the density and length of the hair and is from 10 ml to 60 ml.

In pubic lice, moisten the pubic region with a diluted solution with a cotton swab. After 30 minutes, wash the treated area with soap and rinse thoroughly with running water.

When is it contraindicated to use Permethrin?

You should not buy Generic Permethrin and use it if you are hypersensitive to it or any other synthetic pyrethroids, chrysanthemums, and other plants containing pyrethrins, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and if you want to get rid of lice or scabies in children aged less than three years (consult a pediatrician what other means you can use).

The use of the medication is not recommended for people who are diagnosed with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (including chronic obstructive bronchitis) even if you had it before as the inhalation of the preparation can cause bronchospasm.

If you already bought the medication and after using it suffer from allergic reactions, do not reapply it as it means that you are hypersensitive to it.

What are side effects of Generic Permethrin?

Commonly, the medication is well tolerated. However, there are some cases of side effects that had been reported. They are about local allergic reactions, as well as burning sensations, numbness and itching at the site of application. In single cases, when using the drug, the development of erythema is possible.
In case of the development of unwanted effects, the ointment use must be discontinued.


If you plan to use any other medications when you order Elimite ointment as well as you have any accompanying diseases of the skin, you must consult a doctor first before using the medication.

If the itching related to the presumable disease is persistent within four weeks after the therapy course, it is necessary to visit a doctor.

When the medication is used for lice elimination, the additional solution with the same ingredients must be used. 24 ml of the solution must be dissolved in 100 ml of water and then the underwear and bed linen must be soaked in it for 40 minutes in it.

To avoid relapses, it is highly encouraged to examine all family members for the lice and disinfect the clothes, headdresses, scarves, bed linen, combs and do the procedure on the hair of people who were in contact with the patient.

Drug interactions with Elimite

It is not encouraged to use the ointment at the same time with other medical products at the same skin areas. If your doctor prescribes you such treatment, make sure to clarify whether you need to apply them with any intervals and follow them if they are indicated.

Overdose danger of Elimite

In the external use of the ointment, there is no danger of an overdose. But if you accidentally swallow the ointment, you need to induce vomiting immediately and take sorbents. If you still start developing any adverse effects, you need to address for the medical assistance and undergo gastric lavage and symptomatic treatment.

How should you store the ointment?

The Generic Elimite cream cannot be stored for more than two years after the date of its production indicated on the tube. It should be stored at a temperature below 25C or 77F.

Where can you buy Elimite?

The medication in different formulations is naturally sold at the regular drugstores but in case you wish not to spend money on the brand, you can order Permethrin from our online pharmacy and get the same medicines several times cheaper.

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