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Dostinex (Cabergoline 0.25 mg)

Drug description:
Dostinex is a medication based on Cabergoline. It is an agonist of dopamine receptors. The effect of the drug is due to the inhibition of prolactin production and therefore the regulation of hormonal levels in people with their disorder, i.e. hyperprolactinemia (abnormally high levels of prolactin in the blood). Besides, the medication is used to stop lactation after giving birth. In our guide you can find out more information on the pills use, side effects, precautions, and so on.
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Lowers the level of prolactin and therefore relieves the symptoms of the accompanying diseases, stops lactation
Cabaser, Cabergoline, Cabergolinum
Dostinex (Cabergoline 0.25 mg)
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Generic Dostinex (Cabergoline 0.25 mg) guide:

What is the preparation distributed under the trade name Dostinex?

Dostinex is a commercial brand owned by Pfizer, the largest pharmaceutical producer in the world. The preparation is based on the active pharmaceutical ingredient Cabergoline which is also included in other pills with the equivalent effect but other trade names because they are made by different manufacturers, such formulations are referred to as Generic Dostinex. If you wish to get the medication cheaper, you can buy Generic Dostinex and not the branded one.
The pills have a hypoprolactinemic effect, i.e. it is an agonist of long-acting dopamine receptors that suppresses the release of prolactin, a natural body hormone.

When is Dostinex appointed?

The formulations that contain Cabergoline, including Dostinex, are used for the stopping of lactation right after a woman gave birth if she decides not to nurse a baby with the breast, or when lactation is prohibited due to a health condition, if the baby is stillborn, or after an abortion.

Besides, the pills can be indicated for the therapy of hyperprolactinemia-related conditions, i.e. conditions associated with the high level of prolactin, such as irregular periods, rare period, lack of ovulation, and galactorrhea; therapy of people with prolactin-secreting adenomas of the pituitary gland (micro- and macro-prolactinoma), and empty sella syndrome with accompanying hyperprolactinemia.

If you have one of the conditions listed as your diagnosis, you can buy Dostinex pills or its generic from our online drugstore at a price lower than the regular drugstores can offer you.

The medication is sometimes used off-label by the male athletes who use it to get rid of tissue swelling and gain lean muscle mass. Besides, in men, the medication enhances libido and erection, reduces the rest time before the sexual intercourses and lowers the blood pressure. However, these indications are not approved and if you want to get the drug for such purposes, you need to consult a healthcare specialist first.

How does Cabergoline exert its effect?

Cabergoline is an ergot derivative that affects dopamine receptors, characterized by a strong and prolonged prolactin level diminishing action. The agent directly stimulates the certain dopamine receptors on the surface of lactotrophic cells of the pituitary gland, thereby inhibiting the secretion of prolactin.

The long duration of the preparation action lowering is associated with its long-duration storage in the target organ.

Based on the data on the placebo-controlled studies, the pills render a dose-dependent effect and a lowering of prolactin level with subsequent stabilization of the level within one month of the therapy. According to an 8-week double-blind comparison study, the level of prolactin in the blood normalized in 77% of women who used the medication. The menstruations restored in 77% of women and in 73% galactorrhea (pathological spontaneous outflow of milk from the mammary glands while not breastfeeding) was eliminated.

When you buy Cabergoline, you can take it without regard to meals as its effectiveness is not influenced by the food. The max level of the preparation in the blood plasma is achieved within two-three hours after the dose intake.
The major part of the taken dose is exposed to the effect of first passage through the liver. The medication and its metabolites are well dispensed in the tissues.

How should Cabergoline be utilized?

When you buy Generic Cabergoline from this webpage you should know that it is taken orally. It is preferable to take the pills with food for any therapy for which the medicine is appointed.

The dosage regimen for the suppressing of lactation is one day 1 milligram or two 0.5 mg pills.

If a woman is already lactating, the advised regimen is 0.25 mg every twelve hours for two days (the total dose taken for the course is one milligram). For women who had been already breastfeeding this regimen is preferable as it is more gentle and is rarely accompanied by any side effects especially the symptoms of arterial hypotension.

The therapy of hyperprolactinemia (abnormally high levels of prolactin) is made with the starting dosage of a half of a milligram once a week or a quarter of a milligram twice a week (for instance, on Tuesday and Friday). The elevation of the weekly dose must be made little by little and not more than by a half of a milligram a week every month till the achievement of the optimal therapeutic effect. Usually, the optimal dosage is one milligram a week or in a range of from a quarter to two milligrams a week. The maximum dosage for people with hyperprolactinemia known to date is 4.5 mg a week.

The max dosage of Dostinex a day must not be higher than three milligrams.

The weekly dose of the medication can be taken either in one day or split into two or more intakes a day based on the patient’s drug tolerance.

If the appointed dosage is higher than one milligram a week, it is advised to split it into several intakes as the tolerance of the intake of dosages higher than one milligram was not sufficiently assessed.

Once the optimal therapeutic dose is selected, it is recommended to regularly (monthly) perform the determination of prolactin levels, since normalization of these levels is usually observed within two to four weeks.

Usually, in the withdrawal of Dostinex, the relapse of hyperprolactinemia can happen. However, in some patients, the suppressed prolactin production can persist for several months.

Who must not use Dostinex?

You must not order Dostinex and start using the tablets if you have any conditions in which that are prohibited to be used such as hypersensitivity to the drug’s components and other ergot derivatives, uncontrolled arterial hypertension, any violations in the heart work or breathing function due to fibrous changes.

Besides, the preparation must be cautiously used in arterial hypertension, simultaneous administration of antagonists of dopamine D2 receptors, agents with antihypertensive effect, impaired liver function, children's age.

What adverse reactions can Dostinex cause?

During the clinical trials of the medication, it has been proven that the side effects caused by it are rare and mildly pronounced. The possible negative reactions are headache, dizziness, sleepiness, mood fluctuations, general weakness, nausea, difficulty in emptying the bowel, and others.

What are symptoms of an overdose of Dostinex?

In case of an intake of the high dose of the medication, you can start suffering from such symptoms as congestion, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, lowering of the blood pressure, confusion, psychosis, and others. If the symptoms are severe or progress, the measures should be applied to eliminate any residues of the unabsorbed preparation (vomiting, intake of activated carbon) and elevated or keep the arterial pressure on the normal level. Additionally, it may be needed to use medicines from a group of dopamine antagonists as the Dostinex and Generic Dostinex are the agonist of these receptors and the negative reactions that can occur due to the increased dose use are similar to those occurring as a result of excessive stimulation of dopamine receptors.

Avoid using these drugs with Generic Dostinex

When you order Generic Dostinex, you should know that the therapy with this medicine must not be combined with the use of antagonists of dopamine receptors such as derivatives of phenothiazine, butyrophenone, thioxanthene, and Metoclopramide.

The pills must be carefully used along with the medications that have a hypotensive effect.

Like the other ergot derivatives, medicines based on Cabergoline must not be combined with macrolide antibiotics (for instance, erythromycin) as they contribute to the elevation of Cabergoline bioavailability.

Can you buy a generic instead of the branded drug to get the same effect as from Dostinex?

Generics are usually cheaper than the branded medications. Therefore, if you need a certain medication but want to get it cheaper, you should definitely look for a generic. It is absolutely safe to get a generic version of the medication as long as you choose the reputable manufacturer and seller such as our online drugstore. It guarantees that the medication is equal to the branded drug in composition, effect, and safety.

Where can you buy Generic Dostinex pills?

Our med store offers a wide range of over-the-counter and prescription medications Generic Dostinex being one of them. We offer branded and generic versions of the medications at affordable prices. Moreover, you can get the medications without prescription here!

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