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Drug description:
Fertomid is one of the names for the under which the substance Clomiphene is marketed. The medications based on this substance are antiestrogenic agents. The substance selectively blocks the binding of estradiol to receptors in the hypothalamus and this results in stimulation of ovulation. These drugs are used for various conditions such as lack of period (amenorrhea), polycystic ovaries syndrome, infertility due to Anovulation, oligospermia, insufficiency of gonadotropic function, and others. Read the full guide below to know how and when you can use the drug.
Brand name:
Generic name:
Clomifene IP
Anovulatory infertility (ovulation induction), Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, Amenorrhea, Galactorrhea, Polycystic ovaries (Stein-Leventhal syndrome), Chiari-Frommel syndrome, Androgen deficiency, Oligospermia, Disorders of the pituitary gonadotropic function
The medication is effective for infertility caused by anovulatory cycles and other hormone-related conditions
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Fertomid (Clomifene IP 50 mg)
Fertomid (Clomifene IP 50 mg)
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More facts about Generic Fertomid (Clomifene IP 50 mg):

Generic Fertomid (Clomifene IP 50 mg) guide:

What is Clomiphene or Fertomid and when is it used?

Fertomid is a brand name registered by a certain pharmaceutical company to market the active substance Clomiphene. The medications based on this substance are an antiestrogenic agent that selectively inhibits the binding of estradiol to receptors in the hypothalamus. This promotes the production of gonadotropin and stimulation of ovulation occurs.

Short drug info

Trade names
Clomid, Serophene, others
Pregnancy category

AU: B3

US: X (Contraindicated)
Routes of administration
By mouth
Legal status

AU: S4 (Prescription only)

UK: POM (Prescription only)

US: Rx-only
Drug class
Selective estrogen receptor modulator; Progonadotropin
High (>90%)
Liver (with enterohepatic circulation)
Elimination half-life
5–6 days
Mainly urine, some in bile

You can buy Fertomid or a generic version of the drug for the treatment of:

- Anovulatory infertility (ovulation induction),

- Dysfunctional uterine bleeding,

- Amenorrhea (secondary, post-contraceptive),

- Galactorrhea (due to the presence of a pituitary tumor),

- Polycystic ovaries (Stein-Leventhal syndrome),

- Chiari-Frommel syndrome,

- Androgen deficiency,

- Oligospermia,

- Disorders of the pituitary gonadotropic function.

What are the generics of Fertomid?

When we say that you can buy generic Fertomid we mean the drugs such as Clomifene Tablets IP. Generic medicines are made using the same formula and ingredients as the branded ones but cost much less money. The reason for that is that their manufacturers are not the ones who developed them but gained the right to manufacture these drugs as a part of the international healthcare program aimed at providing all layers of the population with modern and effective medicinal drugs.

Generic medicines are usually priced up to 15 times cheaper than branded drugs. This means that if you cannot afford branded pills you don’t have to get a loan but can simply buy a generic version of the prescribed drug and enjoy the same results.

What are contraindications for Fertomid (Clomiphene) use?

You should not buy Clomiphene and use it in:

- Intolerance of the medication (allergic reactions, severe adverse effects);

- Severe kidney or liver failure;

- Uterine bleeding of unknown cause;

- Ovarian cyst;

- Tumor or insufficiency of the pituitary gland;

- Pregnancy (including suspected).

Some of these conditions can be unknown before the tests are made. Thus, you should keep in mind that you should under no circumstances start using Clomiphene prior to consulting a doctor and getting all appointed tests done.

How is Fertomid (Clomiphene used)?

When you buy generic Clomiphene, your doctor will instruct you on how you should use the drug. Here you can find the general recommendations.

The dosage of the medication and the duration of the therapy are chosen individually based on the condition treated and its severity.

In regular menstruations, the therapy is started on the 5th day of the cycle. The first cycle is made in the dosage of 50 mg a day during five days with the control of ovaries response via laboratory tests. Usually, ovulation occurs on the 11-15 day of the menstrual cycle. If ovulation didn’t occur, the next cycle is started on the 5th day of the menstrual cycle in the dosage of 100 mg a day for 5 days. If the second course also didn’t cause ovulation, it is repeated by the same scheme starting on the 5th day of the next menstrual cycle. If there is still no ovulation, the course with the daily dosage of 100 mg a day is repeated in three months. If after this course ovulation doesn’t occur, then further therapy with Clomiphene is impractical. The course dose should not exceed 750 mg.

In amenorrhea (lack of menstruation for 6 consecutive months) occurred as a result of hormonal contraceptives use, usually, the first course with the dosage of 50 mg a day is sufficient.

For men with oligospermia, the drug is appointed in the dosage of 50 mg taken once or twice a day for 6 weeks with control of spermogram.

What an overdose of Clomiphene looks like?

An overdose of the drug is manifested in nausea, vomiting hot flashes, vision impairment, and pain in the abdomen. Treatment is aimed at the elimination of the symptoms.

What adverse effects can Clomiphene cause?

It doesn’t matter whether you buy Clomifene Tablets IP or a branded medication, you can develop the same adverse effects. They include:

- Dizziness,

- Headache,

- Nausea,

- Vomiting,

- Depression,

- Increased tiredness,

- Agitation,

- Insomnia,

- Body mass increase,

- Pain in the lower abdomen,

- Nasal discharges,

- Vision impairment (temporary, fades with the discontinuation of the therapy),

- Rarely can develop cystic ovarian enlargement, especially in polycystic ovaries syndrome (the ovary can increase to 4-8 cm), therefore, during treatment, basal temperature should be regularly monitored and in the development of such reaction, Clomiphene use should be canceled.

The use of the medication for several courses can cause or enhance reversible hair loss. Sometimes skin rash or allergic dermatitis, pain in the mammary glands, scanty periods, increased urination, and multiple pregnancy can occur.

Incidence of Fertomid (Clomiphene) adverse effects

Adverse Event
Number of patents= 8029 (%)
Increase of the ovaries size
Hot flashes, flushes
Abdominal-Pelvic Discomfort/Bloating
Nausea and Vomiting
Discomfort in the breasts
Vision impairment
Blurred vision, lights, floaters, waves, unspecified visual complaints, sensitivity to light
Abnormal uterine bleeding
Intermenstrual spotting, menorrhagia
Precautions to follow when you buy Clomiphene

- Before you order generic Clomiphene and start the treatment, liver function must be tested.

- Before and throughout the treatment, a regular gynecological examination is required.

- The therapy with the drug should be appointed when other causes of infertility are excluded. If they are identified, therapy for their elimination should be appointed before Clomiphene.

- Clomiphene should be appointed when the total content of gonadotropins in the urine is slightly lower or within normal limits, the ovaries condition in a physical examination is considered normal, and the function of the thyroid gland and adrenal glands is normal.

- If during the therapy ovaries become enlarged and cysts develop, Clomiphene must be canceled till the normalization of the ovaries size. Then, the total dosage or the treatment duration after it is resumed should be shortened. Regular control over ovaries is needed.

- After treatment with Clomiphene, determining the timing of ovulation is difficult, often the insufficiency of the corpus luteum function occurs, therefore, after the establishment of pregnancy, the prophylactic use of progesterone is recommended.

- The use of Clomiphene can cause visual impairment, so patients taking the drug should refrain from driving vehicles.

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Common drug rating: 5.00 / Total votes: 2
Rating: 5 May 27 / 2020 Ann Arbor, MI
Great product. I am a guy and I love it for it's stimulating benefits.
If taken prudently, it is a much healthier alternative to Standard HRT
Rating: 5 May 27 / 2020 Ann Arbor, MI
Great product. I am a guy and I love it for it's stimulating benefits.
If taken prudently, it is a much healthier alternative to Standard HRT

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